.308 ADM Contour Barrel

.308 ADM Contour Barrel


American Defense MFG .308 AR match grade barrels are designed for DPMS, Remington, Bushmaster, and ADM pattern rifles. These barrels feature an M4 barrel extension and M118 LR match chamber compatible with both 7.62×51 NATO and .308 Win ammunition. Offered in a mid-weight Hybrid or Heavy contour, these barrels are manufactured from 416R Stainless Steel featuring a Nitride finish for corrosion resistance, reduced maintenance and enhanced accurate life. The barrel is hand lapped prior to finishing to provide the most consistent bore dimensions possible. Each of these barrels is dimpled for set screw .750 gas blocks. Chambers are finished, but barrels should be headspaced and installed by a qualified gunsmith.

Please note that although many .308 AR bolt manufacturers advertise their bolt as compatible with DPMS pattern .308 AR rifles, lug and bolt face tolerances often vary widely between different manufacturers (as opposed to the AR-15, where there is a uniform industry standard). Criterion barrels are gauged at the factory with Fulton Armory .308 AR bolts. We have also had success in demo rifle testing with bolts from DPMS and JP Enterprises. If you have any questions regarding bolt compatibility, please email us at contact@criterionbarrels.com.

Stainless Steel (Nitrided)

Item Number Length Twist Muzzle Gas Block Gas Length Contour Dealers
AD-UIC10Barrel-308-14HYBRID 14.5" 1-10 RH 5/8 x 24 .750 Mid-Length Hybrid

American Defense MFG


AD-UIC10Barrel-308-16HYBRID 16" 1-10 RH 5/8 x 24 .750 Rifle Hybrid

American Defense MFG


AD-UIC10Barrel-308-16HEAVY 16" 1-10 RH 5/8 x 24 .750 Rifle HBAR

American Defense MFG



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