M1 Carbine Barrel
M1 Carbine Barrel M1 Carbine Barrel

M1 Carbine Barrel


Criterion M1 Carbine barrels offer superior function and accuracy, as proven by Victor Betzold's national record setting performance at the 2015 CMP Games. Criterion M1 Carbine barrels are manufactured to mil-spec print #6544006. A new manufacture gas cylinder is installed and crimped to the barrel. Each barrel has a parkerized finish and a .010 short chamber to be installed and headspaced by a qualified gunsmith.




Item Number Length Contour Chamber Twist Chrome-Lined Weight Dealers
FA-C-001-C 18" Mil-Spec .30 Carbine 1-20 RH Yes 1.35 lbs Fulton Armory

1C181 18" Mil-Spec .30 Carbine 1-20 RH No 1.35 lbs Civilian Marksmanship Program
Dean's Gun Restoration
Fulton Armory
1C183 18.75" Canada Legal .30 Carbine 1-20 RH No N/A CBI Direct (US)
Vulcan Gun Refinishing (CA)


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