M1903A3 Barrel
M1903A3 Barrel M1903A3 Barrel

M1903A3 Barrel


Direct replacement barrel for the M1903A3 rifle. This Chrome-moly barrel features:

  • Timed barrel threads
  • Milled front sight key
  • Extractor cut
  • Timing mark

By retaining the original contour with a parkerized finish, this barrel is a perfect complement to your vintage rifle. The chambers are cut .010 short and the barrel must be installed and headspaced by a qualified gunsmith.


Albright Firearm Service

Item Number Length Contour Chamber Twist Weight Spec Sheet Dealers
1903A3-06 24" USGI .30-06 SPRG 1-10 RH 2.90 lbs (Pending) Civilian Marksmanship Program
Dean's Gun Restoration
James River Armory
1903A3-08 24" USGI .308 WIN 1-10 RH 2.90 lbs (Pending)

Dean's Gun Restoration
Albright Firearm Service

1903A3NS-06 24" Sporter .30-06 SPRG 1-10 RH 2.90 lbs (Pending)

Albright Firearm Service


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