To successfully meet with the recent industry-wide surge in demand, we have increased our production levels with the intent of fulfilling orders in the timeliest possible manner. To meet these manufacturing goals while simultaneously fulfilling our commitment to produce of some of the finest quality rifle barrels available, Criterion has successfully relocated its operations to a new 72,000 square foot production facility.

The phased transition from our Richfield workspace to the now fully operational Germantown building was completed in November of last year. This new headquarters location is just one facet of our company’s recent restructuring efforts. Criterion has increased the number of its production personnel by more than 75% over the course of the last year alone. This growth has enabled unprecedented levels of output and productivity by our dedicated staff. The purchase of new machinery will also serve to complete orders in a more efficient manner, allowing for improved material handling and reduced turnaround times through each stage of production.



Our barrels are manufactured with gun barrel quality, ordnance-grade chrome moly steel and gun barrel quality 410 or 416R stainless steel. Both materials are heat treated and double stress relieved when they arrive from the mill.

Almost all operations from drilling to milling are performed in-house. For the operations we don't perform (heat treatment, chrome-lining, and phosphating), we partner with local businesses who meet our quality standards.

Our in-house operations are described below.


Button Rifling

Button rifling does put stress into the steel. That is why we thoroughly stress relieve the barrels again after buttoning to ensure dimensional integrity during the turning and milling operations.


Chrome-lining will extend the life of your barrel and make it easier to clean. It is commonly thought that chrome-lining degrades the accuracy of the barrel. This is because during the chrome-lining process, material is chemically removed from the bore and then built back up with chrome, destroying the bore uniformity.

At Criterion Barrels, Inc., our unique chrome-lining process maintains bore uniformity, providing you with the advantages of a chrome-lined barrel without sacrificing accuracy.



Most production barrels are generally not lapped; however, the lapping process is absolutely essential for accuracy. For this reason, before chambering and crowning operations, we lap the bores to remove reamer rings and to improve the surface finish and bore uniformity.


Turning and Milling

We have three CNC turning cells and two additional milling cells to accomplish various contours.

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