CBI's Open Letter to the BATFE Regarding the Proposed M855 Ban

Good afternoon,

Here at Criterion Barrels we receive plenty of feedback through phone calls and emails from customers using our match grade barrels for a variety of sporting purposes. These sporting events include service rifle, high power, 3 Gun competition, and certain hunting applications.

For many of our customers, the M855/SS109 is the best and most economical solution for a number of sporting events. Our stock model AR-15 barrels are produced with a 1-8 twist and a .223 Wylde chamber that is well suited for intermediate weight .223 projectiles like the aforementioned M855/SS109 cartridge.

Our barrels (and that particular cartridge) are primarily intended for use in shooting sports by the general public. Across the country shooters are sending more ammunition downrange for sporting purposes than any other pursuit, so it would seem fairly irrational to pursue a repeal of the existing sporting purposes exemption based upon an artificially constructed perceived risk to law enforcement personnel.

We have made a point to reach out to our elected representatives on this issue, and will do our best to help make sure our customers are made aware of this proposed framework change. I sincerely hope that BATFE policy is adjusted to ensure the American public is able to retain access to this type of ammunition and many others like it.


Josh Buege
Marketing Director
Criterion Barrels, Inc.

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Germantown, WI 53022
Tel: (262) 628-8749
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