Lee Enfield No.4 End of Year Progress Update

Santa isn’t be the only one delivering presents over the holidays. Criterion Barrels has successfully completed production of its first batch of sample Lee Enfield No.4 barrels!

After proof firing and installing one of the sample barrels on an in-house test rifle, Criterion will be forwarding these barrels to a number of dealers, distributors, and subject matter experts for testing and evaluation purposes. Upon completion of this testing phase, blanks already in production will proceed through the final steps of the manufacturing process, and will be available for pre-order through select retail distributors.

While these sample barrels will remain “in the white”, Criterion plans on offering No.4 barrels with a parkerized finish as well. We’re excited to finally run a few rounds through these barrels, and will keep you posted when we get the first general production batch into the final stages of completion!

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