OEM Barrel Production

OEM Barrel Production



Criterion Barrels is known throughout the industry for its versatility when it comes to developing new barrel designs. While we do offer a number of stock model barrels for a wide range of rifle platforms, Criterion also works side by side with a number of firearm manufacturers to produce barrels built to client specifications.


Affordable Match Grade Production:

Our barrel production methods have been streamlined to offer the ability to fulfill large batch orders while maintaining extreme match grade tolerances. By utilizing both modern CNC technology and traditional barrel making techniques, Criterion has the ability to supply barrels for the vast majority of both modern and vintage rifle designs at a price point unmatched by our peers. Options are available for both finished barrels and blanks in various stages of completion.


Improved Delivery:

Criterion has doubled its workforce and added new machinery since moving into our new 72,000 square foot production facility in 2012. This expansion has enabled us to significantly increase production and reduce delivery times for our clients.


Request For Quote:

In order to provide a competitive price point through volume production, custom OEM orders must be submitted with a minimum quantity of 50 pieces.

To successfully generate a quote Criterion requires a quantity estimate, a technical drawing, or a sample barrel to reverse engineer. Our research and development team is available to assist in barrel design if a drawing is not available.

Please submit your request for quote to Stephanie Dahlke at stephanie@criterionbarrels.com




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