Frequently Asked Questions


We receive dozens of phone calls and e-mails each week asking a number of questions regarding our company and product line. We make a point to respond as quickly as possible, but due to a high level of demand a few days may pass before we are able to respond. Below is a list of questions that we field on a regular basis.


Q: Can I order barrels factory direct from Criterion?

A: We regularly manufacture and sell barrels directly to a wide variety of gunsmiths, dealers, retailers, wholesalers, and firearm manufacturers. We do not normally sell directly to consumers, but if we have a surplus of inventory available for a particular stocking model, we may be able to arrange for a factory direct sale. This also holds true for models not sold through any outside distributor, such as our nitrided .308 AR barrels. Available inventory can be reserved and will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

For these B2C transactions we normally accept payment in the form of credit card, check, or money order to the below address:

Criterion Barrels, Inc.
W172 N13050 Division Rd.
Germantown, WI 53022


Q: Can I place an order for a custom barrel directly through Criterion Barrels?

A: Custom orders can be placed for a wide variety of chambering options, contours, or platforms. While we can accommodate single barrel custom orders for a number of pre-fit configurations through Northland Shooters Supply, the cost of retooling is normally prohibitive for the manufacture of other custom orders numbering less than 50 barrels. Please contact us for details regarding our production capabilities for custom OEM orders.


Q: Where do I go to purchase a Savage, Bighorn, or Rem/Age compatible Pre-Fit barrels?

A: Criterion Barrels, Inc. has partnered with Northland Shooters Supply in the distribution of the Savage and Rem/Age barrel system. Jim Briggs is the best point of contact for any orders and sales information regarding these barrels. He can be reached through the following methods:

Phone:  (763) 682-4296 – (BEST WAY TO CONTACT)
Fax:  (763) 682-6098

Mailing address:
PO Box 333
Buffalo, MN 55313
Q: Is a break-in process required for my Criterion barrel?
A. There are many schools of thought regarding barrel break-in processes. The ideal break-in method will likely vary for every shooter and barrel. We have assembled a list of recommended break-in procedures on our company blog here.
Q: What maintainence or cleaning procedures are recommended for Criterion barrels

A. We have assembled a list of suggested cleaning procedures on our company blog here.


Q: Can Criterion Barrels export barrels overseas?

A. Criterion Barrels is licensed to export rifle barrels through a US-based exporter of your choice. At this time we have dealers in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. We often export large quantity barrel orders through Sans-Nom Inc.


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