CLE Custom Service Rifle Upper

CLE Custom Service Rifle Upper


Custom complete service rifle upper receivers are now available from Compass Lake Engineering utilizing a selection of Criterion Barrels hand lapped match grade barrel blanks. These complete upper receivers are built to order through the Compass Lake Engineering online configurator. Configuration options are offered for various different components including:

  • Muzzle Type
  • Rear Sight Adjustment
  • Rear Sight Aperture
  • Front Sight Post
  • Chamber
  • Twist Rate
  • Barrel Composition
  • Fixed vs. Detachable Carry Handle
  • Pinned vs. Unpinned Rear Sight

Visit the Compass Lake Engineering website for more information on specifications and pricing.

A full list of component options is listed below:


Muzzle Type

Post Ban, Pre Ban

Rear Sight Adjustment

1/4 MOA, 1/2 MOA

Rear Sight Aperture

.030, .032, .034, .036, .038, .040, .042, .044, .046, .052

Front Sight Post

.035, .040, .045, .050, .052, .056, .062, .072, .072 Square, .080

Chamber Type

CLE Match, .223 Wylde

Twist Rate 1-7, 1-8

Barrel Composition

Chrome Moly, Stainless Steel













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