Criterion began in 1999 with a single OEM client in need of a economical, high volume option to cut rifled barrels. Our President (my father), Steve Dahlke, partnered with John Krieger to establish a button rifling process capable of match grade performance.

It was a success. To date, Criterion’s button rifled barrels have set numerous National Records and can shoot with the best across multiple disciplines.

Our main objective has been (and will always be) to manufacture barrels capable of achieving the highest level of accuracy and performance. We do not cut corners; with genuine craftsmanship and economies of scale, we produce match grade button rifled barrels at a value unparalleled throughout the industry.

Entering into our 20th year, Criterion’s operations have grown tenfold. Our shop and its people continue to evolve with decades of shooting and machining experience. We innovate our business practices and manufacturing processes continuously to meet the demands of OEM clients and avid shooters. As we look to the future, our standard of excellence will endure.

We have a deep gratitude for the shooters who use our barrels and a mutual respect for the other fine barrel makers in Wisconsin and across the country.

Stephanie Dahlke | Operations Manager