Criterion Barrels Inc. & Generation III Gun Launch “Barrels For Juniors” Fundraiser

Criterion Barrels Inc. has partnered with Generation III Gun to help support the expansion of youth participation in the sport of 3-Gun. The vehicle for this sponsorship is the “Barrels for Juniors” program, a donation effort dedicated to maximizing exposure of the Generation III Gun organization at 3-Gun venues across the country.

Generation III Gun is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that aims to become the organization that ensures that every junior shooter that wants to attend a 3-gun match can actively participate. The goal of Generation III Gun is to reimburse junior shooters for every major 3-gun match entry fee. Once that goal is accomplished, Generation III Gun will focus on their ultimate goal of ensuring that any junior that wants to shoot a major match has the resources they need to do so.

The Barrels for Juniors program revolves around a simple fundraising effort. For each Barrels for Juniors decal applied to a 55-gallon drum (typically used as an obstacle or dump barrel in nearly every 3-gun match stage) Criterion Barrels will allocate $1.00 toward a product donation to the Generation III Gun program. 3-Gun match venues typically have dozens of these 55-gallon drums littering the range, so the proliferation of these Barrels for Juniors decals should convert to significant product donations fairly quickly! Generation III Gun will then raffle off these barrels at various fundraisers, helping finance their youth outreach program dedicated to further growing participation in the sport of 3-Gun.

Rifle range personnel and match directors interested in participating in this program are welcome to contact Josh Buege at [email protected] to receive an application. Match sponsorship packages including barrel certificates, apparel, chamber flags, and promotional items are available for those who participate.

Additional program details can be found on the Barrels For Juniors website, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

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