F/TR National Champion Sets National Records with Criterion Barrel

Samantha Huhtala has proven herself a world class competitor using a 28 inch Criterion barrel chambered in .308 Winchester. Scoring an impressive 1228-28x with 215 gr. Berger bullets, Samantha recently became the 2013 High Junior F Class T/R National Champion.

On top of her brilliant performance at Nationals, Samantha has four pending national records which include a 15 shot string at 600 yards on an MR-1/wMR-IFC target with a score of 148-5x. Using a MR-65/wMR-65FC target she managed to score a 98-4x on a 10 shot string at the 600 yard line.

With ten shot groups measuring less than 4 inches at 1,000 yards, it’s not hard to see why Samantha nearly placed highest Junior at the World Championship this summer. We look forward to reading about Samantha’s high scores in the years to come, and are glad our barrels could play a small role in her continued success.

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