Lee Enfield No.4 Barrel Variants & MSRP Release

Criterion Barrels Inc. is proud to announce that our No.4 Lee Enfield barrel installation and accuracy testing has come to a successful conclusion. The first limited batch of barrel blanks will be entering the final stages of production shortly, followed by a much larger batch of barrels that are currently in the early stages of the manufacturing process.

After carrying out extensive market research with our dealer network, CBI has developed two different models of the Lee Enfield No.4 barrel designed to accommodate a wide variation in receiver tolerances.

The first variant will be our standard No.4 Lee Enfield barrel, which will feature an introductory MSRP of $349.99 USD. This variant will incorporate a shoulder that is set forward. This standard barrel model may require a lathe to properly index on some receivers. The standard variant was designed to better accommodate gunsmiths who have the tooling available to easily adjust shoulder depth.

The second variant will retain the same contour and dimensions, with the exception of a shoulder that is slightly turned back. This model will include a set of three breeching washers of varying thickness. The added cost for the turned shoulder and breeching washers amounts to an additional expense of $45.00 USD. This particular model is intended for armorers who do not have access to a lathe. A pull-through reamer will be required to headspace this model if the installing armorer does not have a lathe on hand.

Both barrel types will incorporate our unique short chambering system specifically designed for rimmed cartridges. This raised ring around the circumference of the chamber will allow the installing gunsmith to headspace the barrel with a chambering reamer. This will enable the barrel to fit properly with bolt heads with varying lengths.

Each of these models will be available for pre-order with a parkerized finish or “in the white” through select dealers. A full list of dealers accepting pre-orders will be released in the next few weeks.

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