3 Gun Application for CBI Barrels

Shooting with Criterion

We began sponsoring 3-Gun match shooter Sean Dexter in May 2010. After being supplied with one CBI chrome-lined AR15 barrel, he has experienced first-hand the benefits of shooting with Criterion. “They are perfect for the application,” Sean says, “I have never shot a chrome-lined barrel that matches its accuracy and stamina.” The CBI barrel can withstand action shooting as well as high round volume without its accuracy being affected.

Sean now shoots with three CBI barrels- two AR10’s in .308 and 6.5 Creeedmoor, and one AR15 in .223/5.56mm. All are free floated and have match grade trigger systems. Sean reports that each system reliably holds a realistic .5 moa.

Shooter Profile

Sean Dexter currently resides in Santa Clarita, CA. His father introduced him to 3-Gun shooting in the late 80’s, and he has been competing ever since. Not only does he find 3-Gun competitions fun, but it’s also job relevant. Sean has over 25 years of service with the Beverly Hills PD and is the range master at his police agency. In betweeen policing and shooting he also finds the time to perform all of his own gun work.

Some of Sean’s annual competitions include the NRA Police Championship, Superstition Mountain, DPMS Tri Gun Challenge, Rocky Mountain, Western States Police and Fire Games, Fort Benning, and several other local matches.

Last December Sean finished 5th in the Tactical Iron Division at Fort Benning.

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