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Criterion Barrels offers complimentary headspacing services for any of our stock model AR-15 and .308 AR barrels. Available for purchase are a variety of bolts from BCM, Fulton Armory, and JP Enterprises.


We offer headspacing services with each bolt added to your AR barrel purchase. The JP high pressure bolts feature a smaller firing pin channel than standard DPMS pattern 308 AR bolts, minimizing primer pocket flow with higher pressure loads. This is beneficial for some of the hotter 6.5 Creedmoor factory loads available. JP High Pressure [...]

DPMS Pattern 308 AR bolts from Fulton Armory are available to headspace with your next 308 AR barrel purchase. These bolts are precision machined from 9310 steel. The hardened extractor is fabricated from S7 tool steel. Properly formed lug chamfers provide smooth locking & unlocking, help decrease excessive “tilt”. Firing pin holes gauged for minimum [...]