Fulton Armory Lightweight 18.5″ .308 AR Barrel


For use on DPMS/Remington/FA pattern .308 AR rifles with a rifle-length gas system. Each barrel includes an installed barrel extension.

Uniformity of the bore dimension, groove dimension, and twist, along with the finish produced by hand lapping are esstential for the ultimate accuracy of the barrel which achieves match quality.

Fulton Armory’s Hybrid Match Chamber allows use of .308 Win & 7.62×51 mm NATO Calibers.

Chrome-lining will extend the life of your barrel and make it easier to clean. It is commonly thought that chrome-lining degrades the accuracy of the barrel. This is because during the chrome-lining process, material is chemically removed from the bore and then built back up with chrome, destroying the bore uniformity. Criterion’s unique chrome-lining process maintains bore uniformity, providing you with the advantages of a chrome-lined barrel without sacrificing accuracy.