Bighorn Arms Compatible Pre-Fit Barrel


Criterion manufactured Bighorn Action TL2 pre-fit barrels are available for purchase through Northland Shooters Supply (NSS). These national record-setting barrels feature a breech face compatible with the floating bolt head used on Bighorn Actions. The tenon threads are designed to accept a Northland Shooters Supply Rem/Age barrel nut. Pre-fit barrels are offered in finished lengths up to 30″ with multiple contour options:

Available chamber options are listed below.

Please note that select TL2 and all Bighorn TL3 actions utilize a standard Savage small shank pre-fit barrel. Please contact Bighorn Arms to confirm the thread pitch of your action prior to placing a barrel order.

Many unique caliber and contour combinations are in stock at NSS. Contact James Kessler at Northland Shooters Supply for availability and order information.