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Over the last few years Criterion Barrels has been laboring to constantly develop and improve upon new barrel models. The expansion of our inventory selection has allowed us to better accommodate manufacturers, retailers, and individual rifle builders. 2015 has proved to be no exception. We have a number of new barrel options that have been added to our existing product line, and a few that will be completing production within the next couple of months. We have broken down some of our product development projects into three primary subcategories based upon their overall level of completion.

Finished Products

.308 AR

The production of a wide array of .308 AR stock models is currently underway, with a limited selection of barrels already in inventory. Chambered in .308 M118 LR, these barrels have provided consistent sub-MOA performance on a number of DPMS pattern rifles. Criterion industry partners Citizen Arms and American Defense Mfg. have already added CBI .308 AR barrels to their production rifles. We selected the M118 LR chamber option due to its slightly longer throat, allowing our barrels to feature enhanced performance with both standard and heavier loads. Select models have already been added to inventory, while others are expected for release later this spring. Pre-orders for the barrels listed below can now be accepted:

Model NumberLengthGas SystemChamberTwistFinish
1016S-HYM16″Mid-Length.308 M118 LR1-10Stainless
1016S-HYM-N16″Mid-Length.308 M118 LR1-10Nitride
1016S-HYR16″Rifle Length.308 M118 LR1-10Stainless
1018S-HYM18″Mid-Length.308 M118 LR1-10Stainless
1018S-HYM-N18″Mid-Length.308 M118 LR1-10Nitride
10185-HYR18″Rifle Length.308 M118 LR1-10Stainless
10185-HYR-N18″Rifle Length.308 M118 LR1-10Nitride
1020S-HYR20″Rifle Length.308 M118 LR1-11Stainless
1020S-HYR-N20″Rifle Length.308 M118 LR1-11Nitride
1022S-HYR22″Rifle Length.308 M118 LR1-11Stainless
1022S-HYR-N22″Rifle Length.308 M118 LR1-11Nitride
10160-HYM16″Mid-Length.308 M118 LR1-10Parkerized
10180-HYR18″Rifle Length.308 M118 LR1-10Parkerized
10180-HYM18″Mid-Length.308 M118 LR1-10Parkerized
10200-HYR20″Rifle Length.308 M118 LR1-10Parkerized


Criterion has developed a stellar reputation as one of the industry’s premier chrome lined barrel manufacturers with our stock model AR-15 barrels. CBI is proud to announce the addition of four new stainless steel barrel models to our stock model inventory. Plans are in the works to add stainless barrels with a nitride finish in 2016. A full list of our new stainless steel AR-15 barrel models can be found in the below chart:

Model NumberLengthGas SystemChamberTwistFinish
1516S-HB816″Mid-Length.223 Wylde1-8Stainless
1518S-HY1218″Rifle Length.223 Wylde1-8Stainless
1250S-HB1220″Rifle Length.223 Wylde1-8Stainless
1524S-BL1224″Rifle Length.223 Wylde1-8Stainless

Expanded Finish Options

In an effort to offer a more comprehensive service to our OEM clients, Criterion has taken steps to add a number of innovative features to our production processes. CBI has opened new relationships with multiple custom finish providers to better accommodate clients seeking to expand beyond our pre-existing finish selection. Test results with barrel nitriding have proved promising, and plans are in the works to further expand our product selection to incorporate this new finish option.

In Production

Lee Enfield

Many of you have been patiently waiting for the release of our Lee Enfield No.4 replacement barrel. We have worked to overcome a number of complications that arose from tooling requirements and receiver tolerance variation to assemble a barrel that will function with the vast majority of all pre-existing rifles. Our installation and accuracy testing has almost reached completion, and we expect to begin work on the existing blanks shortly.

The finished No.4 barrels will be available in two different configurations. The first will be a standard barrel with material added to the shoulder. A gunsmith will need to use a lathe to adjust the timing to accommodate variance between receivers.

A second model will be available through select distributors for gunsmiths who prefer to install the barrels without requiring a lathe. The shoulder will be set back on these models, and will include a set of breeching washers to compensate for variation found between rifles.

For those seeking a barrel for the SMLE No.1, we are currently in the process of developing a print for that barrel configuration. The No.1 will be able to utilize the same blanks as the No.4, allowing us to begin production shortly after the release of the initial No.4 barrel batch.

6.5 Creedmoor AR Barrels

While we have produced make-to-order 6.5 Creedmoor barrels in the past, CBI is currently in the process of adding a few stock model options to complement our updated .308 AR product selection. Two variants are currently in production, including 18” and 22” Hybrid contour models.

Custom Fluting Options

While CBI has been able to offer fluting services in the past, new tooling has been purchased to offer custom designs and patterns based on OEM client requirements. These various design configurations provide CBI clients with the ability to produce barrels featuring a unique visual appearance that serves to set their rifles apart from those of other competitors.

New Design Concepts

M1 Garand

Criterion is currently evaluating the possibility of adding a few new M1 Garand barrel models to inventory. Options may include a medium/heavy barrel contour, and an M1D barrel featuring an integral scope base built to the original print specifications. Please feel free to submit feedback if you are interested in barrel designs of either type.


Criterion is looking to expand its product line to incorporate barrel models for Kalashnikov pattern rifles. The AK has long experienced a reputation for poor accuracy due in part to the prevalence of low quality ammunition, cartridge limitations, and the use of substandard components in rifle production.

Our mission at Criterion is to eliminate one of the variables contributing to that opinion. CBI is currently in the initial stages of developing a Tabuk reproduction barrel to be installed on Yugo M70 receiver kits. This project is part of a forum-based group buy, but may be an opening act in the development of an entire product line dedicated to this unique platform. We are currently seeking out high end AK manufacturers and builders interested in developing a rifle that can overturn the notion that the AKM is an inherently inaccurate firearm.

Mosin Nagant

A number of shooters have voiced a need for high quality replacement barrels designed with this widely available surplus rifle in mind. The addition of aftermarket stock and trigger components have led to the creation of a community seeking to accurize the venerable M91/30 action. While Criterion has the capability to produce a complete reproduction barrel featuring a rear sight dovetail and front sight post, the cost of an exact replica would likely exceed the price of a complete replacement rifle.

By offering a replacement barrel in a heavier tapered contour, Criterion could offer a finished barrel at a quoted rate on par with our average stock model barrel pricing. Featuring a hand lapped finish and a consistent level of bore uniformity not found in any existing aftermarket replacement barrel, production may proceed as soon as we are able to find a distributor looking to service the Mosin Nagant community.

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  1. Alan Guthrie says:

    Looking for the day you make M1941 Johnson barrels. You might be surprised how many people are looking for a replacement with bayonet attachment. Just a suggestion. I have an M1A National Match barrel from you and an M1 Garand barrel from you. I’m waiting for the MK111 barrel as we speak. I know there are other barrel makers but not for me.

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