Shooter Introduction: Thomas & Madalyn Stewart

Criterion Barrels Inc. is proud to sponsor Wisconsin-based 3-Gun competitors Thomas & Madalyn Stewart. Thomas is a career law enforcement officer who began shooting competitively in USPSA and Palma matches. He gradually shifted his efforts toward 3-Gun matches, and has been competing in that discipline since 2012.

Thomas’s daughter Madalyn first pulled the trigger on a firearm at age 4, and began competing with an air rifle at age 8. Her shooting career gradually shifted toward steel challenge with a .22 pistol, USPSA, and an indoor smallbore league. Madalyn competed in her first 3-Gun match at Ft. McCoy in 2014 at age 11, and has continued to regularly participate in more than two dozen local, regional, and national matches annually. Both Madalyn & Thomas regularly place first in their division or age category, and frequently find themselves with the top overall match score. Currently both shooters are competing with American Defense MFG UIC Mod 3 rifle builds featuring Criterion barrels.

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